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I think a good garden should be enjoyed from inside and outside so decided to give you a look at things from within. I set myself a photographic challenge ... to do as many interesting photos as I could sitting on the sofa in the sun room. My rule: I could bend, twist, slide up and down it's length but had to be on the sofa. It provided all sorts of challenges with light and composition.

Here is the first in the series ... the breakfast room, a lovely spot to catch the winter sunshine. Also a lovely spot to watch the changing seasons ... you can see the maples are just beginning to colour. At the back is a stand of Lilly Pilly trees that mark the boundary with the neighbour ... these are evergreen.

Luke 11:35 (New International Version)
"See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness."


  1. Want to comment on this more extensively, but cannot during my lunch break. Shall visit again this evening.

  2. Firstly, what an intruiging challenge to set oneself: I like it.

    Then, what I need to know first - being a country girl - which direction and I looking?

    Then, to the outside: what a soothing view and to know that the seasons change before your eyes and that the grey will become yet in its stead.

    Finally, to the inside: yes, the amount of work involved has fleetingly crossed my mind. But a most comfortable looking area. The wood of the table setting and the depth of the lounge chairs.

    Ooh I am so looking forward to the next view from your sofa.

    Tell me: do you run to indoor greenery or is the outside quite sufficient work, thank you very much!!

  3. The long run of windows is facing north. The shorter run and the back verandah which you can see in this shot is east. So you can understand is makes the perfect breakfast room.

    I run to indoor greenery in only the most rudimentary way ... occasional pots of flowers instead of cut flowers and on the back verandah I have begonias which are are kind of indoors because they can be so readily seen from the inside. You'll see those as this sequence rolls along.


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