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Stitching Sunday 5 is another piece I embroidered for my Mum and took back as my legacy. She was particularly fond of lilies because her name was Lillian (Lily as a child). I usually team it with the delicate fan below that Dad gave to Mum during the war.

Song of Solomon 2:2 (New International Version)
[Lover] Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the maidens.


  1. Such delicate beauty in both of them, Joan. You were quite a stitcher weren't you? How old were you when you started? Why did you stop?

    It is so lovely to have these treasures from your parents. I recall that massive filing system too.

  2. I think it was grade 3 we started sewing at school ... so that was 7 years old. I still have my school sewing samplers and an unfinished apron that I started then ... might show them one day. I guess I just kept on doing it from then. It was the type of thing country girls did and my Mum passed on the tradition. I have never been an particularly avid needleworker but liked to do it to pass time. Some of these pieces have taken years, on and off. Why did I stop? ... so little time left to pass in the past 15 years or so ... and now photography and blogging is gobbling up what's left to spare.

  3. Beautiful fan, & so is the cross stitch.

    I might add that I know lots of city people who stitch.

  4. Hi Jenny, you're right about the city stitchers ... there are no doubt many more than in the country.

    I'm wondering, are you seeing any growth in interest in the groups you attend? I just get a feeling that needlework is becoming more popular but don't have anything on which to base that thought.

  5. J-E, that is one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen. It's made even sweeter knowing it's a family heirloom. Your needlework is wonderful as well.


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