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Winter work

Two guesses as to what I am going to be doing this weekend.

Genesis 2:15 (New International Version)
The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.


  1. Came here via PJ's site. Golly, these are some great photos.

  2. Well you have a lovely weekend in which to remove all those nasty weeds, Joan. Well down here on the plain it is a lovely fine weekend ...

  3. Well it was lovely and fine ... now two hours later it is bloody raining again ... durn ...

  4. So ... weeds gone?

    I have done a pre-spring-clean if there be such an interlude ... repotting, moving, trimming, weeding ... slashing'n'burning in general ...

  5. Nup at least not yet. I swept the paths of leaves to stop us tramping leaf litter into the house. Went down to Penrith and bought a couple of new plants and then did baking because we were on morning tea duty at Church yesterday. Yesterday Church (home late because of morning tea) and then buzzed off to Mt Hay to give me some pics as a follow on after the current SW series ends in a week or so. That leaves today ... I might get around to it and then again I might not. I don't have any backlog of pics of the garden so I might have to mosey out there with my camera rather than my weeding gloves ... much more fun.

    Despite my good intentions I am now more of the thought, why waste a nice long weekend weeding?


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