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View from the library bay window, north west facing.

There is a camellia just outside this window.

Here is one of the camellias from this bush in full flower. They flower late in my garden and with none of the exhuberence of the wonderful old plants in the neighbour's garden but even these small blooms give me great joy.

From Song of Solomon 6 (New International Version)
My lover has gone down to his garden,
to the beds of spices,
to browse in the gardens
and to gather lilies.
I am my lover's and my lover is mine;
he browses among the lilies ...
I went down to the grove of nut trees
to look at the new growth in the valley,
to see if the vines had budded
or the pomegranates were in bloom.


  1. I like the understated, the slow and the hidden bushel. I like having to stop and look rather than have something flash in front of me demanding my attention.

    But I suspect you know all that.

    I always think that the front of your house faces east, but I think that is not true. That the back faces just off east. Yes ... no ... ?

  2. Yes the back is east. The front faces west. It is well shaded by a very stately row of pine trees that run along the front of the property -- which is a long 60 metres due to the front block being a triangular shape. And also explains why painting the front fence is such a daunting task.

  3. nature dressed for the season!


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