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Yep it's coming

Blues are the colour of the Christmas garden.

The days have been quite cool again ... good for getting out in the garden and attacking weeds ... and just sitting around watching and listening to the birds.

Matthew 1:23 (New International Version)
"The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel" —which means, "God with us."


  1. glorious colors and textures in thi special spot!

  2. It is only recently (last 10 years I guess) that I have been able to appreciate blue in nature. This time of year we are quite blessed with it.

    That is a lovely shot of your garden. It has distinct pockets, your garden. Lovely.

  3. Are they hydrangeas?
    Look how tall they are!!
    I just planted a row of them under the native daphne tree - they are about 3 inches tall - I grew them from cuttings.

  4. What a beautiful shot of a beautiful garden. So cool and green looking.The advantage of living in the mountains.

  5. Hi Letty, yes they are hydrangeas ... I used to cut them back each year to stop them getting so tall but then I saw them in neglected old houses and they had lots of flowers so decided mine might be happier neglected too ... they are.

    All, yes it is cool and green and at this time of year simply a delight to me when the weather is warm as I get out and about giving the place a good tidy up before Christmas.


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