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Grumbles gone

What on earth have I been doing grumbling that the colour is not as good as last year. There is nothing quite as wonderful as the light in autumn.

I think a batch of dull work has been getting me down. Time to finish it so I can get out and enjoy the sun.

Isaiah 29:24 (New International Version)
Those who are wayward in spirit will gain understanding;
those who complain will accept instruction."


  1. lovely yellow leaves at last!!

    sorry about the dull work. you
    should be compiling a book of
    your gorgeous photos and sweet
    scripture and prose!

  2. hang in there ..the yellow is lovely!!

  3. I agree about the autumn light ... the slant makes shadows dance.

  4. Sorry about the dull work, but the beautiful light more than makes up for it! Carla

  5. Autumn light has a glow about it and makes your photo stunning. It was great to meet you today and was in awe of your worldly knowledge


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