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Prostrate catoneaster in the front garden.

A blog exchange with Lea yesterday had me thinking about Sunday as a day of rest. When I was a child it was a day with lots of church, strictly no regular daily work and for children plenty of play. Dad would often rise from his Sunday nap to take us all on a drive, late in the day when the animals were moving to water.

So what do I do on my Sundays? I usually attend church and don't do any daily work. Instead I cook nice food and sit by the fire reading but maybe best of all go for a Sunday drive (photographing) and enjoy plenty of play (doing my week of blog posts).

Not that much different really!

Genesis 2:3 (New International Version)
And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.


  1. Nice mix to these leaves. I would love to dedicate a session of a day to reading a book that requires lengthy concentration rather than just magazines articles or newspapers. I am reading Grenville's 'The Lieutenant' at the moment. What are you reading?

  2. Your Sunday sounds a lot like mine. I go to church and spend the afternoon enjoying my family. I also try to sneak in a nap and an afternoon drive. I love Sundays! Carla

  3. these look like a painted abstract...leaves of differing shades make it so interesting

  4. what extraordinary polka dotted leaves.

    i have ended my 'sabbath' now and, of
    course, i thought of things to write all

    maybe that's a sign of refreshment . . .
    or temptation. :)

    we had the sweetest worship service
    tonight. there was an unusual measure
    of His Spirit permeating the sanctuary.

    have a lovely week.

  5. What am I reading? That is an interesting question because I bought an ebook reader as Borders that other day and it was pre-loaded with a bunch of classics. As I am rather busy at the moment decided on light reading "Little Women".

    I have not read this since I was a kid and am amused at the moralistic tone of old children's books. Jo has had her hair cut and Beth is about to die ...

    I'm also reading a Christian book "Speaking my Mind" by Tony Campolo who speaks his mind on women preachers, gay christians, islam, creation science, environmental responsiblity and polical parties. An thought provoking read.

    And in my daily Bible study I am currently reading Isaiah ... contains some breathtakingly wonderful verses.

  6. Wow ... that is a mix, and sooo different from mine. As well as Grenville, I am reading 'Macquarie's Kingdom'.

  7. Its interesting how our backgrounds stick with us. We often went on outings on Sunday or lay on the carpet in the sun reading the papers and me the comics. I still like reading but the outings have moved to week days now that we are retired. less people and traffic.
    I'm reading Lost Innocence by Elissa Wall, she was in the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints community. Polygamy, arranged marriages ,child brides etc. It ends with her as the main witness in the court case involving the so called prophet, Warren Jeffs. It is hard to believe this stuff is going on in the 21st century.
    I love autobiographies.


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