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Dainty Cup

For a tiny girl growing up this fine bone china cup and saucer set from my Nana. We are popping back out into the garden tomorrow.

Ecclesiastes 12:1 (King James Version)
Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth,


  1. Do you use it or just admire its beauty?

  2. Upon reflection, I think the cutlery is better saved for closer to the 4yo birthday when the child will actually use it. I might try a drinking vessel of some sort for a 1 yo ... maybe a Peter Rabbit cup of some sort ... shall sus it out.

  3. sigh..
    almost BETTER in black and white!

  4. Diane, if I drank tea I would use it but as I don't it generally falls into the admire category unless I have someone around for afternoon tea.

    Julie, I agree. I would be nice to give the cutlery when she is ready to use it. Clearly Ian's was well used.

    Elk, I agree I liked how it came out in B&W.


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