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Heating home made tomato soup for lunch.

I'm going to run a short series of wintery warm flames.

Timothy 1:6 (New International Version)
"I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God ... "


  1. what a great the color here

  2. i love your double blues.
    do you share your tomato
    soup recipe?

  3. Elk I took a photo of the whole pot then saw the possibilities of focusing in tightly on the blues because likewise the colour appealed to em.

    Happy to do share teh recipe ... nothing special, deseeded tomatoes , onion, garlic, boiled in chicken stock, a spoon of tomato paste and handful of basil added at the end. Pureed until smooth. Hubbie likes me to add a chilly as well but I forgot this time. Eat with fresh crusty bread.

  4. Soup today? LOL It is near 100 degrees where I am sitting. Looks tasty though..

  5. thanks, joan. that soup sounds very
    special to me!


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