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Early daffodils sway in the wind. Lots of wind blowing at the moment.

Proverbs 13:9 (New International Version)
The light of the righteous shines brightly.


  1. Golly ... all dressed and ready to go ... I have not noticed them in gardens down here yet. Must have my eyes closed. Shall nip up to Centennial Park on Sunday to try to see what is dressed to kill up there already.

  2. I just love daffodils. It is hard to believe that spring is coming your way while we await fall. Carla

  3. i was going to say basically the
    same thing as carla. how strange
    to be looking at your gorgeous
    daffodils long after our are gone.

  4. Spring is *definitely* coming. I can't believe how warm it is today down in the city.


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