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A Wordy Wednesday Post.

Somewhere in my teens I fell in love with falling in love.  Little Women, Jane Eyre and a steady diet of romances, especially Lucy Walker stories serialised in Mum's English Women's Weekly.

Song of Solomon 2:16 (New International Version)
My lover is mine and I am his;


  1. I liked Little Women, but was more taken by Jane Eyre, which is still one of my favourite novels. Don't have any hardback versions of either book, unfortunately.

  2. those are two of my most beloved
    books, too. i could read them once
    a year and never tire of them.

  3. oh what a book ..and such a special image to evoke these memories...

    hopefully JO did not have the issues I am having with black and white photos..sorry....

  4. These are two of my favorites also! Carla


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