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Freesias and lavender, divine fragrance and oh so pretty.  Julie commented recently "often think of a daffodil as frigid: full of beauty and form, but without soul. Whereas freesias have all three."  I'm inclined to agree.

Psalm 146
Praise the LORD.
Praise the LORD, O my soul.


  1. How pretty! I had freesias in my bridal bouquet. They were divine! Carla

  2. They are pretty and I can almost smell them. I can't grow freesias but lavender is OK.

  3. beauty, form, and soul. i love that!
    deep thoughts.

    i also love your adorable little vase.

    how's the commute? can't imagine
    how you do that.

  4. Carla, I had a vase of freesias topping my wedding cake.

    Lea, I am actually beginning to enjoy the commute ... five hours in my own little cocoon to read, think, watch movies and work and I will soon be connected to the web as well! Today's electronic gadgets are so wonderfully portable.

    The vase was a gift from a friends from church we had around for dinner ... them and their brood of seven children. We have all moved on and the family has of course grown but I remember that time with fondness.

    Diane, freesias grew where I lived in Qld but it is a lot colder where I was rather than Brisbane.

  5. one of my very favorites of your ..just the simplicity yet details abound...blessing JE


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