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A pretty skirt

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How is it that I have lived here for 17 years and been photographing the garden for many of them and I have never noticed this beautiful blossom?  It's a mature tree along the driveway, surely it has been flowering every year!!

I loved Lea's comment on the cherry blossom the other day "such lovely, downy ruffles. if i were a designer, i would try to create a skirt like theirs". So when I took this photo I thought of the great designer behind these beautiful skirts.

Exodus 28:31
[ The Robe ] "For the edge of the skirts make pomegranates of blue, purple, and scarlet material all around and alternate them with bells of gold —gold bell and pomegranate, gold bell and pomegranate—all around the hem of the robe. Aaron has to wear it when he does his priestly work."


  1. i love surprises like this..on at my place today as well..that pink is amazing

  2. oh thank you for the link!

    and one can never have enough
    pink . . . or skirts!

    someday, i am going to make my
    sweet husband take me to the
    other side of the world to give you
    a hug!

  3. So what do you think this is? Is is certainly extraordinarily beautiful.

    The flower resembles an azalea. The stem resembles a geranium.

    Yet it is a tree ...

  4. Elk will visit to see your surprise later.

    Lea, please to that, I'd love that hug.

    Julie, it is a different type of flowering cherry ... the sort that lines the centre of the street in Leura.

  5. beautiful ruffled skirts indeed ...

  6. Those are beautiful! I could see my girls wearing a dress of similar design! Carla


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