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Wet Green Week 4 of 7

Isaiah 44:23 (The Message)
High heavens, sing!
God has done it.
Deep earth, shout!
And you mountains, sing!
A forest choir of oaks and pines and cedars!


  1. my heart was joining in with your forest
    choir! the green is extravagantly beautiful!

    have fun with your family this weekend!

  2. There is just so much in life to see, yet we can only focus upon a little at a time.

  3. It is so nice to see green when everything here is brown. Carla

  4. Your oak tree must be happy with all this rain!

  5. Lea, yes extravagantly beautiful is a perfect description of the green in the garden.

    Julie, that's the wonder of it all, all that marvellous detail.

    Carla, everything is often quite browned off here by this part of summer but not this year.

    Winam, they are slurping it up. Even the big mature trees seem to be getting bigger. They are certainly filling out.

  6. Green! It is so good to see green as white covers the world here.


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