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At this time of year I always find it easy to be waylaid by my old diaries.  I have sporadically kept personal journals for over 30 years and they offer a fascinating insight into me as I used to be.  One thing that surfaced in my resolutions year after year was "painting the front fence."  The problem was that I was not prepared to begin until I knew there would be time to do the full 80 metres of it -- a half painted fence being worse than an unpainted one.

Then sometime last year I decided I liked it the way it was ... a nice weathered brown ... what a relief, I could tick that off the list.  And now in one corner I notice that nature is managing the problem anyway.

"The Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; He will not fail thee or forsake thee." Deut 31:6

By every promise Thou has made
And by the price Thy love has paid
For my release
And keep through every hour my soul
In perfect peace.


  1. Just the scripture that I needed today! Thanks! Carla

  2. Re your little black bird with the red beak that scurries along the 'forest floor'.

    How about a Dollar-bird (immature). His wing feathers glisten to irridescent green in the sunlight.


    How about a male Blackbird who would appear to have a bit of grey scalloping on the breast.

  3. there is more than one way to skin
    a cat. i love the green corner of
    your brown fence.

    i love your poem more!


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