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I love this shot of the walnut which is not yet losing its leaves.  What a joy and blessing my garden is.  I do hope you have a lovely Sunday today.

With God nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37


  1. Love this photo.
    Your garden is full of little treasures at the moment.
    How's your husband's arm?
    What did he do to it?
    Love the rosehips.
    I picked some from beside the road - they make the room smell like apples.
    I laughed when I read about scratchy backside jam.

  2. Ha Ha scratchy backside jam.

    The arm is improving but it is a slow process. He must have overdone it and it screamed back with lots with lots or pain which makes it impossible to sleep. I think it will be a while before he is his old self, Crikey, he is even content with me driving him in the car!

  3. Has he been to a doctor? Love the light behind the leaves. Glad you are enjoying your garden. I have actually done some cleaning up in mine as the weather is a little cooler.

  4. Diane, yes a doctor, chiropractor and acupuncture all of which are helping in their own way. The doctor less so because the pain killers made him sick and the next try was sleeping pills that kept him awake!

  5. simple moment is nature here today .. it is a beauty filled frame Joan..gardens can bring such joy ..nice verse too!!


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