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Clear path

It's a long weekend (Queen's Birthday weekend). As the road over the mountains gets rather clogged with traffic on long weekends and we have been away four weekends in the row it was time to stay home and do some of the chores here.  I am proud to say I have swept all the paths clean of their autumn leaves and pine needles and the garden is looking great in a wintery kind of way.  Fortunately I woke full of energy yesterday and did the job because by today rain has set in.

"I am the Lord thy God ... which leadeth thee in the way that thou shouldst go." Isaiah 48:17


  1. This path looks gorgeous! Is that a cycad? It's beautiful.

  2. i would LOVE to walk on your
    beautiful garden path! enjoy
    your long weekend.

  3. Jose, yes a cycad. They are looking great at the moment because of the rain.

  4. what a lovely place to walk ... I've never heard of a cycad ... it's very attractive

  5. sweeping can be such a comforting job..the path looks so pretty ..I have missed it here ~


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