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Winter welcome

Autumn has passed and winter is here.  May was colder than normal, I wonder what winter will bring.

"Who delivered ... and doth deliver .. He will yet deliver."  2 Cor 1:10

He is the same forever;
Though the years may their changes bring.
There is eternal safety
In the love of our Saviour King.


  1. I just popped over to get "caught up" on what is going on with you. It seems that our May has been hotter than usual. Wonder what our summer will be like? I love how I can come over to see you and get a taste of another season. God bless! Carla

  2. Gorgeous! I can see this hanging on a big white wall.

  3. Love your pics. You live in a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.

  4. thank you for a cooler breeze. it is
    HOT here!

  5. Its cooling down here too. Lovely texture in this shot.

  6. Such a calm sight in the midst of our spring.

  7. the beautiful detail here among the leaves amazes me.. i like the simplicity of this


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