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I didn't get such a great shot of the bower bird but if you look close you will see her beautiful sapphire blue eye.

"Fear not ... I am thy shield and they exceedingly great reward." Genesis 15:1


  1. oh! i did see it! how extraordinary!!

    thank you for the overseas hug. it
    means the world to us.

  2. It is hard for a camera to focus among quite that many twigs. Bower Bird ... which sort. Ooo yes, a female Satin BB. Very swish ... one case where IMHO, the livery of the female is more eye-catching than that of the male.

  3. Yes the female and male satin bowerbirds are so different and the females really lovely - especially when you can see her mottled breast. But I must admit to admiring the deep inky blue of the male, he is a mysterious fellow that visits so rarely.

  4. I have a particular fondness for the female Bower Bird... she swoops in and lands with a thump, then jumps along the ground in a haphazard way. She's just not what you'd call a dainty bird. I like that difference.
    Your photo is quite lovely - it's captured her in a not so standard bird pose. It suits this pretty bird and, oh, those eyes of hers!!


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