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What a shame she is such a fidget, it would have been a lovely shot except for her head being obscured. A yellow thornbill I think.

"The Lord is very compassionate and of tender mercy" James 5:11


  1. mmm ... not sure about that. Check out the Eastern Yellow Robin. The YTB is less plump I think, with a tendency towards 'caramel' rather than this more striking yellow. Neither is warey of humans. The EYR clings sideways to trunks looking for the exact location of bugs to swoop upon.

    I have lots of bird shots like this - headless. But it is nicely in focus regardless. Add it to your birdie folder.

  2. Julie, EYR is more yellow and much greyer on top than this bird and does not have the little stripy bits around the eye. Hence I opted for YTB.

  3. Yes, upon further comparison, I suspect you are right - YTB.

  4. Lovely shot! Even without the head. Carla

  5. and His eye is on the sparrow.

    it made me so happy to think
    that your husband knows me
    by name. i DO have a friend
    from down under!!!


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