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Sunday rest

The rain keeps falling.  The garden is so lush but the plant in this view that brings the most joy to my heart is the massive elk horn you can see around the middle of the shot.

When I first met elk horns
"Come on kids.  Who wants to go for a drive." Dad often called on a Sunday afternoon. He never ever worked on a Sunday, it was a day of worship and rest.

We all willingly piled into the small Holden and went for a drive that more often than not ended up at the  local forestry. Dad liked to meander along its red dirt tracks spotting native animals on the move around dusk.

We climbed the tall towers the foresters used to watched for bush fires.

My elder brother and sister proudly pointed out the tall pines that were planted the year they were born.

But we all thought the most beautiful spot at the forestry was at the camp headquarters where they had put dozens of elk horns and stag horns in the trees.

Mum, Nana and my little sister at the forestry.

Genesis 2:3 (New International Version (NIV)
Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.


  1. What an enchanting garden. Just beautiful.

  2. Your mother and her mother could be mistatken for sisters! What would their age have been there? I am so glad you have that elkhorn, when I know the memory attached to it. My staghorn has just grown an 'elk'. I think that means it is now 'mature' as there is a swathe of brown seeds on the underneath.

  3. I'm in awe at the different Platycerum. Love them! Also love the old pic.commi


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