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When this little fellow started on the high branch I thought it was a female satin bower bird because of the olive colouring and specked breast.  Then when he/she reached the edge of the pool I realised it was too small.  Was I seeing a baby bower bird I wondered?

Blue Eyes (part 2)

A little bird follows
down down down

Into the water
flipping and flapping,

 A tiny bowerbird?
the beady black eye
says no.

So what is this bird?  I thought perhaps a regent bowerbird but Birds in Backyard says "The dark patch on the head of the female and immature, and the scalloped pattern of the breast, help to distinguish them from the female or juvenile Figbird, Sphecotheres viridis. The Regent Bowerbird is slightly smaller and more slender than the Satin Bowerbird, Ptilonorhyncus violaceus, which has a blue eye."

No blue eye, no dark patch on the head.  So methinks perhaps a Figbird but it isn't right either.  This lead me to the Catbird but it isn't green enough, and doesn't have a white bill. It says "The Green Catbird can also resemble the immature or female Satin Bowerbird, which has a distinctly blue eye, a dark bill and a more scalloped patterning on the underbody, while the upper body is a more olive-green." No blue eye, I am going around in circles.

Can someone help and tell me what this bird is?

Isaiah 49:16 New Living Translation (NLT)
"See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands."


  1. Hello Joan, a beautiful photograph by the way. I happen to love Blackbirds and your bird puts me in mind that it may be a juvenile blackbird, but am open to correction entirely :D)

    1. Thanks I think you might have nailed it. Blackbirds are a very recent arrival to our garden in the last couple of years. I have only ever noticed the males which are black and not twigged to the females and juveniles being different altogether.


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