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Mother's Day

I had planned to show a different piece for Stitching Sunday 4 but remembered it's Mother's Day today so I selected this piece. I made this lacy hanky for my Mum and retrieved it along with other momento's after she passed away ... and she adored autumn leaves.

Exodus 20:12 (New International Version)
"Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you."


  1. What a sweet tatted hanky edging...a perfect memento for Mother's Day!

    ((Hugs)) to you on Mother's Day. I lost my Mum, too.

  2. Gone are the days of hankys, although this is a gorgeous specimen.

    How about a post on that table/sideboard? I love the colour and the pockmarks!

  3. It's my office desk ... bought second hand in some antique shop somewhere (I can no longer remember where). As you say, it has all the right pock marks, ingrained ink splodges etc to give it proper character.

    Mum never gave up hankies and my husband still always carries one, though a much more functional item than this. I find it soothing ironing hankies before tackling white business shirts.

  4. What a sweet thought for your Mum & I am glad you got it back. I have a collection of lace edged handkies like this, some that I have done & some that my Mum made. I love them all & have decided to use them all.


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