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Over the picket fence

As Julie observed the picket fence is "not quite white". It's actually unpainted, I've been planning to get to it for about 10 years.

Forget about the paint on the fence, look at nature's paint over the road!

Acts 7:30-32 (New International Version)
"After forty years had passed, an angel appeared to Moses in the flames of a burning bush in the desert near Mount Sinai. When he saw this, he was amazed at the sight. As he went over to look more closely, he heard the Lord's voice: 'I am the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.'Moses trembled with fear and did not dare to look.


  1. That looks like a liquidamber.

    I was driving along some street down here the other day - cnr Queen and something in Woollahra - when I saw a whole line of these and wondered just how many thousands upon thousands of leaves would end up being dumped within a few short weeks.

    Love size, shape and colour ...

  2. Yes, it is liquidamber. The ones over the road start colouring in waves from early April through to end May. Ours down the back doesn't start colouring until end May. I don't understand the triggers that make leaves colour but each tree does it the same time every year plus or minus a week.

    I was in Sydney for work yesterday and noticed occasional patches of colour in the suburbs, just not quite a dramatic as here.


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