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View from 2nd guest bedroom, north facing.

Moving back along the hallway we reach another guest bedroom. I think of this as the children's room as it has single beds with mosquito net canopies (a legacy from their Queensland origin). My nieces loved camping inside these white tents when they were little.

Out the window you can see our little home away from home. The A-van that we live in when we go Sweet Wayfaring.

As the cherry is not ready to show flowers yet, here is a photo of one of the camellias flowering along the driveway.

Psalm 34:7 (New International Version)
The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him,
and he delivers them.


  1. How cute is that van! Would it be any good for longer than a weekend?

  2. ah what a fun get away home ...beautiful creamy flower.

  3. Julie, yes suitable for long trips. Has a double bed, kitchen, table and storage space. It is certainly much easier than tenting it for 5 weeks like Jo and Pete did on the central Australian odessy.

    Elk, it is a fun get way home. Just looking at it makes me want to get away.

  4. The tent option is not attractive to me as it involves all that set-up and down. I want to start doing little trips around Australia and want to keep the cost to a minimum, yet the homeliness up.

  5. And if I recall, you did not have a V8 in your driveway either, so hauling with a 1600cc is feasible. Imagine a ? in that last sentence, please.


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