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The display of blossom was quite disappointing this year. No sooner had they popped out of their hiding place than they were shrivelling up and replaced by leaves so there was not really a display worth photographing. Funny thing is the neighbour's trees were as lovely as ever.

Anyway, I promised Julie a week or two ago to show the crab apple, here it is with not much blossom left but as you can see it is a large tree. The little tree in the foreground is a maple.

Romans 5:5 (New International Version)
And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.


  1. Yes, indeed, the crab apple is large. But wont the maple also get large? I like the effect of agapanthus around the base of a tree like that.

    The flowers may have been disappointing but it is all looking lovely and green.

    Whoa ... I have just pulled up the blinds here. It is 6:30 amd the sky is an eeirie (?) pink colour. I did not do my walk this morning because the wind would be throwing up all sorts of muck that will go straight into my poor beleagured lungs! That sky is wierd looking ...

  2. It only got worse and worse .. my daughter called me to see if I was mad enough to walk!

    I got some shots as I walked to work. Poor farmers ... they take a battering in this country don't they?

    I hope it just rains for a coupla days and washes it all off. We got quite an electrical storm about 10pm last night.

  3. Yep we drove through that storm last night on the way home. And the dust is amazing. It had better be a big rain when it comes because as per my comment on your blog earlier today when it just sprinkles (like it has done here today) it leaves a shocking mess.

    As for the maple growing large, they do but they take forever to do so. This one has hardly moved in 16 years ... makes me realise how very old the big ones are and appreciate them even more and the person who planted them long ago.


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