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Of all the perfumes in the garden, freesias are my absolute favourite. They've been my favourite ever since I first noticed their fragrance wafting up the stairs into the school room when I was a teenager. We even had them on our wedding cake.

Song of Solomon 4:10 (New International Version)
How delightful is your love, my sister, my bride!
How much more pleasing is your love than wine,
and the fragrance of your perfume than any spice!


  1. oh the vibrant color is magical...your descriptions are so nice

  2. Do you just leave them to grow down into the debris and hey presto they come back next year?

  3. Yes Julie, I just leave them die down and hey presto they pop back up next year ... not everywhere I have planted them ... they seem to prefer the conditions in some spots of the garden to others ... also the nature of the garden changes as trees grow bigger, neighbours build buildings etc causing the amount of shade to change and hence their willingness to flower again.

  4. Elk, the best for perfume are the old-fashioned creamy ones but I must admit to being rather fond of the bright colours of the modern varieties.

    I love poetry but am myself no poet ... however, I remember penning some words on this very topic a long time ago so thought it might be fun to dig back in my files and find it.

    October 1984
    "What have they done to freesias
    They used to be creamy white
    but now they are crowd pleasers
    in very hue that is bright.

    But they have the same perfume
    with which they won my heart.
    When a breeze wafts over their bloom
    I must stop in my path.

    For me spring isn't really here
    though the calendar says otherwise
    until the freesia flowers appear
    for nature doesn't tell lie.

    One smell and I'm revived
    from winter's gloom and drudgery
    Whatever their colour, however contrived
    A freesia is a joy to me."

  5. So different from what I might dredge up, but so reflecting the person that shines out of this blog!!



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