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Praise 4

So tiny, soft and pretty.

Psalm 59:17 (New International Version)
O my Strength, I sing praise to you;
you, O God, are my fortress, my loving God.


  1. Such delicacy takes my breathe away. I went to the Spring show at the Hobart Botanical Gardens but captured a range of orchids rather than the azaleas which were also plentiful.

    Might put the orchids up on Plumbing. Shall see how I go today ... not so well at the moment.

  2. Julie, sorry to hear you are unwell. Hope it won't be too long before you are all fired up again. In the meanwhile rest, we can wait for your Tassie shots.

    When we were in Tassie, I think it was late November, it was the daisies that caught my eye. They were so plentiful and of such pretty pastel shades.

  3. What surprised me was the olde-worlde variety of flowers that were grown plentifully in domestic gardens. Pansies, daisies, bluebells, daffodils ... and others that I could not name. But could photograph. I will put some up as this week progresses.

    I have a chronic balance problem and it had my in RPA for Thurs/Fri. This time as I went down I had a seizure at the same time so the pesky little enzyme froze all the muscles in my legs and buttocks. Now I have to work out a solution for these stairs. My son, in the meantime has moved my bed downstairs and my daughter has my car until Wednesday at the earliest. Woe is me!!

  4. Oh no, I had a horrible feeling it might be more than a sniffle you were suffering when I noticed you 'drop off the air' towards the end of the week.

    Those stairs with a chronic imbalance will be quite a challenge!

  5. Elk, that is a nice reflection ... feels quiet.

  6. mmm ... not sure how I will solve it all. My daughter, the physio and the OT want me to move to a place all on one level. The physio wanted me in RPA until today - even my d did not want that!

    I think I need a bit of time to go under the bridge ... I am feeling a bit stronger today. Was back at work.


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