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At this time of year our driveway is brightened with late flowering azaleas. And that's it for comparing my humble garden plot with the magnificant Everglades garden.  We'll start something new tomorrow.


  1. I'm working on a plan for "reworking" our driveway and brickwork features prominently. Did you lay this yourselves or is it old like the house?

  2. The driveway is new done about 10 years ago using second hand bricks ... by an expert not us.

    When we arrived here the driveway was some broken strips of concrete leading to a garage that had been demolished and there was just a dirt track to the new garage under the house.

    Under the cypress was bare earth with a scraggly row of catoneaster along the driveway side.

    As you can see, over time we've made some big improvements, its so rewarding when its done ... I'm sure you will enjoy your "reworked" drive.

  3. and the amazing tree stands 'watch" over it all

  4. Yes Elk, it's huge trunk and canopy speak of age and the many scenes it must have observed I know a little history of the house and the people who have lived here so can imagine some of its story.


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