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Wasn't it wonderful to have some sun on the weekend. I stepped out into the garden and breathed in deeply of the heady spring fragrances .. then oooops I realised there was one I'm not supposed to smell ... the strong distinctive perfume of privet in full flower.

I guiltily found my way down to look at what was outside the fence at the back of the property ... we have two street frontages but never enter or leave by the back which is masked from the street by a tall fence and there is quite a steep bank down to the street. I found a jungle down there.

My hustband said, "The council owns that land, not us." Not guilty according to him.

Numbers 14:18 (New International Version)
'The LORD is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished.'


  1. filled the page in beauty...many thanks for that today!

  2. I like he beauty of the blossom AND the beauty of the light you have recorded.

    I suspect this is a small leaf or Chinese privet which is, indeed, noxious. Prior to now, I did not realise that privet was a member of the olive family or that only three are on the noxious weed list.

    Is this smell a bit like that of the pittosporum, which can be totally overwhelming? I gather it, too, is a declared plant even though native to the Sydney basin.

  3. Yep this is the small leaf variety and I assure you it will be cut back before the seeds set.

    The fragrence is quite distinctive and yes can be overwhelming .. I remember my Mum used to get terrible headaches every spring while the neighbour's privet was in flower. I on the other hand I quite like it ... it's the harbinger or warm sunny days.

    We have a couple of pittosporum trees in the garden too but they don't seem to overload the air with their perfume. They cause as many seedlings to appear in the garden as privet but I think they are quite nice small trees so won't cut them down.


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