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Neat and tidy

Well hardly neat and tidy here. But this mess won't be there much longer ... Now the sun is shining a little I've had new spirt of energy and working my way around the garden doing the annual tidy up. The nieghbours will be happy once it's done.

Romans 13:10 (New International Version)
Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.


  1. I took a similar photo today but yours has ferns. I have to say that your yard looks verdant. I would say very but I think that's redundant.

  2. It doesn't look messy to me. My garden needs a tidy up too but I have a sore back at the moment and it is so frustrating.

  3. Hi Diane, not so much messy but rather too much of a good thing ... it creeps over into the neighbour's garden beds and smothers every plant in its path but I don't know how to control it ... as fast as I pull it out it regrows.

    Yes sore backs are frustrating ... mine is getting a little sore from too much gardening too. I'm trying to take it steady so it doesn't turn into a major back crisis.


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