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You have no idea how many tries it took to get this photo I wanted the centre to be in focus. It looks like a little parcel tied with string. In the children's talk at church the other week they spoke of brown paper packages tied with string and all the little ones screwed up their noses ... how dull ... I remember a time when picking up such parcels from the post office was incredibly exciting.

Maybe it's time to wrap some mystery packages and pop them under the tree.

Romans 8:19 (New International Version)
The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.


  1. is it an impatiens?
    maybe from a hydrangea?

  2. Yes, yes, brown paper parcels ... wrapped with the dull side out all the better to write upon ... with butchers' string around one length in the middle, twizzled then around the other length .. and a competition to see who could name the knot ... and to see who got the most number of stamps ... who was the first to collect the 1957 4d stamp of the little girl praying to the Star of Bethlehem ...

    ahha ... you have just given me a brilliant idea ... check tomorrow's post ... I will edit it just as soon as I have finished cleaning the bathroom. Back I go ...

  3. The centre of the flower looks like a little parcel. Times have changed..Have you heard that children can go to the stores and register the type of gifts they would like. (like for weddings)

  4. Letty, yes it is hydrandea.

    Julie, loved the pics of the stamps on your post.

    Diana, I'm shocked. I get it for weddings (in fact I've come to think of it is a great convenience) but for other occasions a gift registry does seem crass. Mind you I could always do with some help to understand what boys aged 12-18 like.

  5. ...these are a few of my favorite things!

    so lovely...


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