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I just realised that it ticked over to Summer yesterday ... so why was I sitting at my desk with a heater on? Though I understand the heat is on it's way back from tomorrow. The blue hydrangea is a symbol of early summer to me.

John 6:66 (New International Version)
From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.


  1. Look at that tiny flower head yet to unfurl on the RHS. Exquisite!

    Hydrangea (or more my style - hyderanga) is vey much a Sydney summer. When my grandmother lived in Blair Street Bondi, she had a row of them along the side passage to the front door of her semi.

  2. Like Julie my eye was caught by the little bud not opened yet. The weather is weird. It is cooler here now than in Spring.(hey I'm not complaining)


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