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End of the day

Tomorrow my year of digging and delving in the garden at Burnbrae is up. Should I close the book? It's a hard decision, I am still trying to make up my mind. I'm thinking I'd like to free up time for writing and other creative endeavours but on the other hand I enjoy discovering my beloved Burnbrae through the lens and it's by far the easiest of my blogs to maintain.

Psalm 55:17 (King James Version)
Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.


  1. I was talked out of going to Giverny in 2008 by a companion saying it would take most of a day. Alright for her, as she had already experienced it. It is one of my must see places when we are in Paris this September.

  2. i guess i did not realize it was a year long project. I completed a 1 year blog and have started a different one

    I like the discipline and time frame of one year.. i will enjoy your space whatever the decision

  3. Now I have read this post, I wish I had put my first comment on an older post. Sorry.

    Decisions, decisions.

    It is very important to recognise "endings" and to ease out on top, rather than to enter the inevitable decline and waning interest. Think of sporting identities and even politicians. Better to go at the height of the game.

    Ease of production is very important, something of which I am very aware, as you might gather. I am aware of all my blogs as I go on excursions.

    At stocktake time, it is salutory to think of the role of each blog and where it is taking you as a creative person. You could do the rambles without the blogs, but I find the writing adds depth to what I see.

    You also need to weave in your needs re the biblical quotes and the poetry. Maybe your own creative offerings could replace the writings of others.

    Then you need to think about the TYPE of writing you might produce. Will it suit a blog? I want to venture into poetry and into documentary writing. But I do not think I will do any "technical" writing.

    I admire AltadenaHiker's writing, but neither the topic nor the style suit me, being rather hip and controversial. I admire the writing of Ampersand Seven, and have taken lessons from it, without emulating it.

    It is a contemplative time, but worthwhile working through.

  4. Having just discovered this blog not long ago, I would sincerely miss your posts ... but I do understand the need to move on. Whatever your decision ... let us know and we'll follow!

  5. As it happens Julie, your answer to my Giverny question isn't out of place. Sent me off researching what Monet was on about in that garden (remembering I do have a Monet quote at the top of this blog). You know he painted it for 27 years! Now why on earth am I thinking of giving up on Burnbrae after just one year?

    BTW I have been to Giverny twice, in different seasons. It's a nice garden in its own right but the association with the artist gives it that something extra (I will never forget the first time I stumbled across a Monet water lily painting in a gallery in Zurich, I was in awe). The first time I went to Giverny was 15 or more years ago, long before I had a digital camera ... I remember buying photo postcards of flowers, at the time I hadn't seen anything so beautiful and longed to be able to do the same. I look at those cards now and know I can do just as well myself. So in time many things come to fruit.

    Elk, the Burnbrae project was not specifically set for a year but my fear is that as gardens have an annual cycle I'll find myself doing the same things again and that won't help me grow.

    I'd forgotten about your year long B&W project. There are many things I like about your artistic approach and draw from it. Your table was an inspiration to me.

    Julie, thanks for your thoughtful ideas .. all in the stew of my thinking this weekend.

  6. joan elizabeth,

    please don't stop yet. i look forward to your post
    each day. your encouragement has spurred me on,
    i would miss this, even though i check your other blogs, too....please!

    i sound like a desperate housewife...



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