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The King Parrots are frequenting the garden at the moment.

Psalm 102:15 (New International Version)
The nations will fear the name of the LORD,
all the kings of the earth will revere your glory.


  1. oh my handsome!

  2. They are a gorgeous colour, aren't they. The males are. The females are a duller green all over. They are a suprisingly big bird. Much bigger than the Eastern Rosella. It is interesting to notice the immature males who start off with the plumage of the female and gradually the head feathers become that brilliant scarlet. Not sure if the existing feathers change colour or, more likely, new feathers push out the birth feathers. Iused to have King Parrots in my St Ives garden.

  3. I just can't imagine what it would be like to look outside and see such a beautiful bird! Gorgeous and thanks for sharing all the beauty you do each and every day along with the scripture inspiration with it.

  4. as i look out my kitchen window at the frozen tundra,
    i marvel at your colorful "king"

  5. They are a beautiful bird. We don't have them in the garden but we can see them in the Lamington Mountains.
    The Bogainvillea is pretty. the one on my post is actually hanging over the fence from my neighbour. They are very thorny and invasive so I don't plant them any more. Learnt my lesson at our last house.

  6. We don't see those around Ararat - they're beautiful, aren't they?
    We have crimson rosellas - do you have those up there?

    You should try growing potatoes.
    They are the EASIEST vegie to grow.

    Beautiful shot from yesterday.
    Those petals look like velvet.

  7. Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

    Letty, yes we have Crimson Rosellas all year round, especially when the neighbours are putting out feed. I don't because we lead an erratic life and it would not be fair to them. What time of year are potatoes planted?

    Diane, yes I understand about the strong growth and thorns ... perhaps I am best to admire from afar.

  8. I haven't even seen these down in Sydney. A change from the usual lorikeets/rosellas.


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