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Drying out

Drains dripping, dippety-dip,
Soft cones rise, growing green.
Cockatoos wheel and screech above
Dying drum beat – drip … drip.

That's if for our little sojourn among the pines but we'll be back because those soft cones appear ever other year and bust pollen in the Autumn I'm sure to want to show you it when it happens.

Job 38:28-30 (New International Version)
Does the rain have a father?
Who fathers the drops of dew?
From whose womb comes the ice?
Who gives birth to the frost from the heavens
when the waters become hard as stone,
when the surface of the deep is frozen?


  1. a lovely shot of the magical cone...the light green is so soft ...

  2. Great depth of field this week. And I like to see the explosions but not much good for my asthma.

  3. Great photo and I am looking forward to the explosions. I can hear the storm has gone.

  4. what a beautiful lush pinecone. can almost
    smell it.

    am really enjoying your poetry, too.

    "who gives birth to the frost from the
    heavens?" how amazing is that?

    i love job, because it is such a painful
    reminder that He is God, and i am not.

  5. Lea, Job is a favourite with me for the same reason.


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