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Summer meditation

Leaf on Port Wine Magnolia

I was sitting on the cooler south side verandah on Australia Day last week, notebook in hand, and began to enjoy myself writing down what was going on around me ... it was this year's theme beginning to emerge.

Leaf twirling
Magpies gargling
In harmony with distant crows
Click of summer insects
Blowflies buzzing
Sharp nip of mosquitoes
Frog bopping in the pond
Thud, thud of joggers feet
A slow rally, pock, pock at the tennis court
Crash bang, neighbours cleaning up
Fern fronds fanning gently
Swish of water, hosing the hot garden
Cars humming, off for party supplies
Hens clucking
And the leaf dancing in the bright sunlight.

Psalm 104:34 (New International Version)
May my meditation be pleasing to him,
as I rejoice in the LORD.


  1. Ah, so YOU use a notebook. I have an exercise book, but use it to aid memory or as a reminder of tasks to be done.

    The text here is a mix of verse and list, but heavily laced with input from the senses. I like the onomatopaeia (?sp).

    This will challenge your photography, too. Details, madam, details will be required.

    Love the gossamer thread dangling the decaying leaf.

  2. I enjoyed your poem and the leaf is a bronze sculpture and the veins of life have stopped pumping forever.

  3. Firstly this was a list not a poem.

    As for the exercise book Julie, I've always been a scribbler but don't carry a notebook around with me ... it's always present however when I am sitting reading my Bible and thinking through life.

    Details ... oh dear ... I'm not sure I'm up to that but the new theme may help me to be more aware. Only time will tell.

    Regarding the gossamer thread, I could not see what was enabling the leaf to twirl until I too a photo and had a look on the screen, the camera has better eyes than me.

    Diane, your description IS poetic.


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