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Today's photo is not pretty but it is oh so good. I've a pretty one for you tomorrow.

After planting the violas I headed down down the back to attack the ripening privet berries that have been causing me embarassment. Yipee, our ever helpful neighbour had already attacked them with his chainsaw.

In fact there has been a flurry of chopping and clipping going on. The council's kerbside chipping service is about to hit our town. How helpful is that, troublesome greenery turned into free mulch.

Psalm 54:4 (New International Version)
Surely God is my help;
the Lord is the one who sustains me.


  1. it is painful to see something cut back
    like that, but we know that pruning
    is necessary.

    glad you got some help with yours.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to have helpful neighbors. I can't see my neighbors' houses, but I know they would come to help if I needed them. Carla

  3. But .. being the bearer of crook news ... news that is not new ... these stumps will only grow again next year. You might new a man-with-machine to come in for three years in a row nd remove the existing growth to halt the cycle. Just like eradicating cockies ... similar cause and effect really.

    *end of lecture*

  4. Yeh, they will grow back but if we go down and give the stumps a fresh cut and put poisen on them straight away that will stop them in their tracks ... I've just got to get hubbie to get his chainsaw back from the repair man.

  5. hey joan!

    just wanted to let you know that
    "the last child" is NOT a children's
    book in case you were tempted to
    give it to a child!

    it's definitely an adult one but about
    a child.

    have a great day!

  6. Yep, just paint them with full strength poison. You may have to do it a few times. Nothing like helpful neighbours and council.


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