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It's our pear tree over the neighbour's drive, we both win from the lovely view.

Psalm 37:21 (New International Version)
The wicked borrow and do not repay,
but the righteous give generously;


  1. It's always nice to share! Carla

  2. That's sharing. You hear too often about neighbour discontent over trees. So you are lucky.

  3. Nice look shed/barn. Kind of American some how.

    Nice smudge job ...

  4. Diane, we do have good relations with our neighbours. But trees near houses can be a problem. Unfortunately there is a big pine on the other side of the garden (not the huge pine in the middle of the garden) that the neighbour is concerned about because its core is rotting due to a lightning strike years ago. Is is going to cost us $7,000 to remove!!!

    Julie I was wondering what the smudge job was ... then I realised the number plate. The sunlight did it all by itself. I was going to remove it and found I didn't have to.

    I agree there is an American feel to the garage. It is the timber painted with strong contrasts as well as the shape of it. I like it.


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