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No guarantee

This is pretty much the end of colourful leaves for this season though the big Liquid Amber down the back is only just turning so I can't swear that it is the very last autumn leaf I will show this year.

Matthew 5:34-37 (New International Version)
But I tell you, Do not swear at all: either by heaven, for it is God's throne; or by the earth, for it is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King. And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black. Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.


  1. They look how I feel, withered and tired.

  2. I wouldn't mind if you shared more pictures of fall color. Carla

  3. a little rough around the edges ...and that is OK...they are always such a passage of time!


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