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Back up at the top there is evidence of more procrastination. This maple self seeded under the cherry tree. I was going to transplant it ... that was years ago. Now it's too big to move and I like its tiny leaves so it will just stay there another year. Some things just take a little longer than expected -- see no colour yet.

Job 19:25 (New International Version)
I know that my Redeemer lives,
and that in the end he will stand upon the earth.


  1. gorgeous tree.

    i just thought that job's prophecy
    did come to pass. Jesus did stand
    on the earth.

    for some reason i always thought
    of that in context of the second

    thank you for warning me about
    the comments flying off to funny
    places at my blog. i can't find

    how did you know where they
    went? this is all still a mystery
    to me.

    oh well, it was a silly piece. :)

  2. oh dear, i am such a moron.

    the scripture says, "in the end. . ." hence
    the last days context.

    obviously, i need to go to bed.

  3. Beautiful scripture. There is a song that I love based on that scripture.... For I know that my redeemer lives and I will stand with Him on that day.... what a wonderful thought. Carla

  4. Crikey its getting cold here in Sydney. Surely the leaves will change soon.

  5. Lea, I thought about the scripture before posting it, realising Job was speaking before Jesus but like you noticed the "in the end"

    Carla, there is much that is poetic and beautiful in Job. Great stuff for song writing.

    Diane, we were 10 degress colder than Sydney today ... so yes very chilly. The leaves are certainly turning on their lights now.

  6. i relish the sparkle through the leaves ..


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