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Sweet not sour

Diane recently wrote of her very prolific lemon tree and I was thrilled to think of such as thing.  This is not in my garden, it's over the fence but I still love looking at them.  They make me feel happy with their bright spots of colour to the wintery garden.

Psalm 66:1 (New International Version)
Shout with joy to God, all the earth!


  1. lovely lemon trees. wish we had
    the right climate.

    i enjoy throwing my lemon rinds
    into the disposal to release their
    heavenly fragrance.


  2. I love lemons. When we went to Sorrento we saw many lemon trees covered with huge lemons. I have always wished we could grow citrus trees here in North Carolina. I would love to have lemons, limes, and grapefruits to pick. Carla

  3. Funny that both of your mention the climate. I think there is hardly anywhere in Australia that could not manage to grow a citrus tree (provided they had water).

    Is it because you get snow?

  4. They are a lovely colour and look crisp and fresh. Mine are finishing now but already there are blooms and baby ones appearing again.

  5. we have the potted Meyer lemon ...drag it in and out all them for photo ops

  6. Elk, dragging a tree in and out is beyond my capacity to care .. things must survive on neglect in my garden. I have a Meyer Lemon too but it is planted in an unsatisfactory spot but because I can't find much sun in convenient places it will just have to languish until it dies.


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