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At this time of year the hotels and other tourist establishments celebrate Yulefest - Winter Christmas in the Blue Mountains. There is something appropriate about hot roast and plum pudding on a winter's day rather than in summer heat ... but this photo is from my archives and taken on a summer Christmas day.

Luke 2:8-9 (New International Version)
And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified.


  1. Ooooh Joan, don't get me on my hobby horse. I have a thing about Australians celebrating Christmas in winter. Ummmm should I go on?
    Our Christmas is in summer and we should be proud to celebrate in a summery way with picnics, BBQ's, watermelon , seafood, salads, pavlova and a day at the beach. I was born in England but I can't see why we should want to implant their type of Christmas celebrations here. You probably know more about Jesus's birthday than I do but isn't it likely that He wasn't born in winter because there were shepherds in the fields with their flocks?
    OOps sorry for the outburst but I feel strongly about Australia inventing their own traditions and not copying inappropriate customs from the 'Old Country'.
    Apart from that your pic is lovely. (forgive me)

  2. Weeee Diane I love your passion.

    First of all let me be clear I don't do Christmas in winter but the hotels do. They're in the business of attracting customers and to them it's just another tourist draw card like running a Bavarian Oktoberfest or Chinese New Year.

    The actual date of Jesus birthday is a bit like the Queens Birthday - just pick a date and stick with it regardless of the actual timing.

    As for my Christmas, I love roast dinner so will usually have it but on Christamas eve. Christmas lunch is more often than not a salad on the side of the road between somewhere interesting and somewhere else interesting because we go on our long driving trips over Christmas. That's our tradition.

    When we are at home it is not always hot on Christmas day because the weather is usually quite cold until January ... we've been known to turn on the heating on several occasions. But I remember one where we sweltered just like in Queensland.

  3. I love your picture! The light of Christ shines brightly on every day of the year. We should celebrate the birth of our Savior every day that he gives us another breath. If every day could be just like Chirstmas...what a wonderful world it would be! Carla


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