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No longer ashamed

I was somewhat ashamed back in May  that I had left the fallen leaves unswept for a whole year ... but no need to hang my head this year, the leaves are swept up and the table ready for when the weather warms up. The Watsonia down there are in flower.  A little honeyeater was sipping at the blooms but I was busy about my sweeping so didn't have my camera with me. Reflection: Psalm 34:5 (New International Version) Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.


A Wordy Wednesday Post. Somewhere in my teens I fell in love with falling in love.  Little Women, Jane Eyre and a steady diet of romances, especially Lucy Walker stories serialised in Mum's English Women's Weekly. Reflection : Song of Solomon 2:16 (New International Version) My lover is mine and I am his;


With the blessing of abundant rain this year some of the more finicky rhododendrons have flowered. I been enjoying this bloom from the sunroom window for the past couple of weeks. Reflection : Isaiah 30:23 (The Message) God will provide rain for the seeds you sow. The grain that grows will be abundant.

Happy happy

Now it's the tulips turn to delight me.  I love my garden! Reflection : Psalm 117:1 (The Message) Praise God, everybody! Applaud God, all people! His love has taken over our lives; God's faithful ways are eternal. Hallelujah!

Leaping heart

There's a wild abundance in the garden right now.  My heart leaps with joy at the sight of it all, almost as fresh and delightful as our first spring of discovery in the garden 17 years ago. It's Sunday. I like Sunday. Reflection : Psalm 122 When they said, "Let's go to the house of God," my heart leaped for joy.

Long and short

Walking home from the railway station this evening I could smell the fragrance of spring on the evening air .. jonquils and jasmine and blossom.  These are some of the mixed jonquils that I planted in the pot with the lime.  Jonquils really are the best value, they flower for weeks and weeks and have that wonderful heady perfume, unlike daffodils whose time is showy but short. Reflection : Ecclesiastes 3:11 (New International Version) He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men;


Freesias and lavender, divine fragrance and oh so pretty.  Julie commented recently "often think of a daffodil as frigid: full of beauty and form, but without soul. Whereas freesias have all three."  I'm inclined to agree. Reflection : Psalm 146 Praise the LORD. Praise the LORD, O my soul.

Spring showers

The azaleas as coming out all around the garden.  Spring is such an exciting time. Reflection : Joel 2:23 (New International Version) Be glad, O people of Zion, rejoice in the LORD your God, for he has given you the autumn rains in righteousness. [a] He sends you abundant showers, both autumn and spring rains, as before.


A Wordy Wednesday Post Was there any childhood of our era not accompanied by Enid Blyton? There was Noddy and the Famous Five and the Rockingdown Mystery (my first chapter book) Before that this was my Enid Blyton favourite "Josie, Click and Bun and the Little Tree House". I loved playing "house" - I still do I guess. Did you have a favourite Enid Blyton? Reflection : Proverbs 31:10-12 (New International Version) A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.


Isn't the crab apple blossom gorgeous. No I'm not crabby. I'm getting accustomed to the commuting. Reflection : Proverbs 27:15 (New International Version) A quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping on a rainy day;


Its not all blossom however, these iris under the weeping cherry are spreading nicely.  When the cherry blossom comes out I might try and get them in the same shot. Reflection : Proverbs 15:3 (New International Version) The eyes of the LORD are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.


It's blossom week at Burnbrae.  Most years the blossom bursts forth around the 20 September and this year looks like it is true to form. Not sure what type of blossom this is (possibly plum).  It's a scrawny ancient tree down the back that blossoms but never forms fruit. Reflection : Isaiah 53:2 (The Message) The servant grew up before God—a scrawny seedling, a scrubby plant in a parched field. There was nothing attractive about him, nothing to cause us to take a second look. He was looked down on and passed over, a man who suffered, who knew pain firsthand. One look at him and people turned away. We looked down on him, thought he was scum. But the fact is, it was our pains he carried— our disfigurements, all the things wrong with us.


A close up of the rhododendron that I posted yesterday.  It's a very hardy common variety but that doesn't make me like its lovely colour any less. Regarding these being early this year I checked and they are certainly a month earlier but most other flowers are 2-3 weeks later. I have no explanation. Reflection : Luke 18:9-14 (The Message) He told his next story to some who were complacently pleased with themselves over their moral performance and looked down their noses at the common people: "Two men went up to the Temple to pray, one a Pharisee, the other a tax man. The Pharisee posed and prayed like this: 'Oh, God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, crooks, adulterers, or, heaven forbid, like this tax man. I fast twice a week and tithe on all my income.' "Meanwhile the tax man, slumped in the shadows, his face in his hands, not daring to look up, said, 'God, give mercy. Forgive me, a sinner.'" Jesus commented, &qu


The big old rhododendron is flowering now too.  It seems to be flowering early, I notice I posted it towards the end of October last year. After a week of trial and error I have decided to catch an even earlier train, so its up at the station for the 6am express ... crikey I see the dawn .. how horrid is that. Reflection : Proverbs 12:27 (The Message) A lazy life is an empty life, but "early to rise" gets the job done.


Before and after of my favourite blossom. Reflection : Psalm 104:34 (New International Version) May my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the LORD.

Adventures into Poetry

A wordy Wednesday post Poetry, such delicious rhyme and rhythm and imagery. I have lots of childhood poetry books, all covered in brown paper with a pretty picture on front. That's my Mum's handwriting.   I still enjoy poetry, there is a long shelf of anthologies in the library. My most recent purchase was 100 Australian Poems You Need to Know , edited by Jamie Grant. I am not convinced by his selection but that is the fun of anthologies, seeing what other people pick. I've also got a thick volume of Pablo Neruda's poems which I haven't started to read yet. Reflection : Psalm 45:1 (The Message) My heart bursts its banks, spilling beauty and goodness. I pour it out in a poem to the king, shaping the river into words:

Beauty parade

Such a lovely big splash of colour. Reflection: Psalm 86:8 (The Message) There's no one quite like you among the gods, O Lord, and nothing to compare with your works. All the nations you made are on their way, ready to give honor to you, O Lord, Ready to put your beauty on display, parading your greatness, And the great things you do— God, you're the one, there's no one but you!

Genuine delight

Azaleas make such a nice splash of colour ... a genuine delight.  These are the first ones out along Azalea Walk ... lots more to come. Reflection : Psalm 111:2 (New International Version) Great are the works of the LORD; they are pondered by all who delight in them.


I had to cool my heals for a few days while the details of my new contract were organised.  I made the most of the sunny weather to do some spring cleaning in the garden.  How wonderful it was to walk along clean and tidy paths this weekend. This is azalea walk.  Most of them are not out yet but I will show you some that have started to flower tomorrow. Reflection: Psalm 24:3-4 (New International Version) Who may ascend the hill of the LORD ? Who may stand in his holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to an idol or swear by what is false.

Happy days

It's Saturday and I can sleep in and I am happy. All the different types of daffodils are out now. Reflection : Ecclesiastes 7:14 (New International Version) When times are good, be happy;

Worn out

I feel worn out and I've only been commuting for 1 day!  I hope it gets better as I go along. If not, I will have to resort to driving the car again. Reflection: Matthew 11:28 (The Message) "Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly."

Purple heart

The pear blossom has now opened up. Until I took this photo I had no idea they had such a lovely purple colour in their heart. As of today I rejoin the throng travelling to the city every week day. My work from home job run out of steam so it's back to the daily grind -- 2.5 hrs each way. Blogging is going to have to slow down I suspect. Reflection : 1 Chronicles 28:9 (New International Version) The LORD searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts.


Wordy Wednesday Post. Sunday School prizes were an annual highlight ... as you can see each was much loved. I remember being so excited I snatched the ABC book from the man's hands instead of hanging around and answering his questions. What happened to your children's books? My Mum was a keeper so they were there for me to collect when I packed up our family home. One of the Sunday School prizes in that pile was given to me when I was 2 years old! Reflection : Revelation 22:13 (New International Version) I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Gimme more

Some of the blossom I showed you when we first came back from holidays are now flowering more profusely. Reflection : Proverbs 30:15-16 (The Message) A leech has twin daughters named "Gimme" and "Gimme more." Three things are never satisfied, no, there are four that never say, "That's enough, thank you!"— hell, a barren womb, a parched land, a forest fire.

Pretty pasture

I like daffodils in the lawn but they really aren't all that practical ... too easy to mow over by mistake.  I'm  glad I managed to miss these. And no need to mention the grass looks like it needs a mow right now. Post script: I mowed the grass this morning. Feeling very virtuous now. Reflection : Psalm 95:6-7 (New International Version) Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the LORD our Maker; for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care.

Family gathering

I had to show you this.  A camellia with lots of flowers ... not so individual for a change. Reflection : Zephaniah 3:19 (The Message) On Judgment Day I'll bring you back home—a great family gathering!

In season or out of season?

I discovered this Hellebore in flower.  How exciting, it's the first time it's done that despite being there for years. Hellebores are also known as Lenten Roses which doesn't quite work here with our seasons being six months out of sync with the people who named it thus. Reflection : 2 Timothy 4:2 (New International Version Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.

Star flowers

I discovered this stray in the garden. They are good at multiplying. I hope it does. Reflection : Psalm 8:3-4 (New International Version) When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?


You are in for a flowery week.  It is so exciting to walk around the garden and see new things springing from their sleep. Reflection : Psalm 28:7 (New International Version) My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.

Dawn of a dream

Wordy Wednesday Post. The day in 1963 when I skipped home with this shiny new book I declared I would one day have a room full of books just like the picture on the dust cover ... you saw that room last Wednesday. Did any of your books spark a dream? Reflection : Proverbs 4:18 (New International Version) The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.