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The big old rhododendron is flowering now too.  It seems to be flowering early, I notice I posted it towards the end of October last year.

After a week of trial and error I have decided to catch an even earlier train, so its up at the station for the 6am express ... crikey I see the dawn .. how horrid is that.

Proverbs 12:27 (The Message)
A lazy life is an empty life,
but "early to rise" gets the job done.


  1. *grin* ... I know how you adore the early morning.

    You say your rhodie is early (and a lovely colour it is too), I already have a fig well formed on my tree.

    What is happening? It is not as if we have had much over 20C as yet ...

  2. I love rhododendrons. Yours is just lovely! Did you say six a.m.????? You certainly don't have an 'empty' life. Carla

  3. well, no one could accuse you of
    a lazy life. crack of dawn is a bit
    too early for me.

    peach blossom! i would never
    have guessed.

  4. ps. my daughter is blogging while in
    brazil, and i thought you might enjoy
    her tropical photos.

  5. Leave at 6am and home at 7pm if I am lucky and 8pm if I don't manage to escape from the office on time. 5 hours of that is commuting so I am getting a lot of reading done when I'm not snoozing.

    Julie, I dunno, other things are much later than last year.

    Lea, the avocado is awesome.

  6. I thought it was me having a bad memory because things are flowering in my garden earlier than I thought they normally did. Retirement must be looking better everyday. I guess you are too young.


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