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Early bird

Not me though, when this automatically posts at 7:00am tomorrow morning I am gunna be snug in bed catching up on sleep.  I noticed when I came in this evening that the forget me nots are getting rather leggy ... some work to do pulling them up this weekend or next I'd say.

Song of Solomon 7
Come, dear lover—
let's tramp through the countryside.
Let's sleep at some wayside inn,
then rise early and listen to bird-song.
Let's look for wildflowers in bloom,
blackberry bushes blossoming white,
Fruit trees festooned
with cascading flowers.


  1. what a fitting verse to go with your photo ...

  2. well, that is the most beautiful bird
    i have EVER seen. poor forget me
    nots were upstaged by his magnifi-

    ha ha! . . . but no forgotten!!

  3. Lovely crimson rosella .. all I get are noisy minors.

  4. i hope you had a good rest..nice match with flowers and sctipture


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