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Elbow room

Wild Garden Week 2 of 7

Despite the weeds and the artfully tumbling rock wall at their feet they look lovely anyway.

Lea's comment yesterday that I was giving my plant "elbow room" made me smile, as did the encouraging words of other commenters.

2 Kings 6:1-2 (The Message)
One day the guild of prophets came to Elisha and said, "You can see that this place where we're living under your leadership is getting cramped—we have no elbow room. Give us permission to go down to the Jordan where each of us will get a log. We'll build a roomier place."
Elisha said, "Go ahead."

I've been reading Kings in my daily reading lately. Entertaining and inspiring reading.


  1. It looks like one could have an adventure in your garden.

  2. That scripture fit right in, didn't it? Your views are so inviting.

  3. Diane, every child that has ever come to this garden loves it ... it is a place of adventure.

    Susan, I often use The Message because it is in every day language so often has a good match with the thought I had in mind.

  4. good morning, joan. well, good evening
    to you.

    these pink lovelies are gorgeous the way
    they lay across the wall.

    i loved your comment about your letter
    exchange with your mom. it WOULD be
    so interesting to see how your perspective
    has changed since then.

    sweet dreams,


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