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Flower patch

Over in a lonely corner of the garden the geraniums are flowering abundantly.

Song of Solomon 6:11 (The Message)
One day I went strolling through the orchard,
looking for signs of spring,
Looking for buds about to burst into flower,
anticipating readiness, ripeness.
Before I knew it my heart was raptured,
carried away by lofty thoughts!


  1. that corner with the fence is just a of my favorites...not sure why

  2. Yes, my geraniums are intertwining splendidly. I have three separate colours, which I did not realise.

    Think all this rain is not good for my lavender - they are quite wrinkled.

  3. Elk, I was surprised to find out how lovely it was myself. I just don't go over that way very much and the pepermint geranium has gone quite wild.

    Julie, not surprised at the lavender sulking ... some things really do like sun and their isn't much of that around. Everything around here seems bowed down by a burden of water.

  4. i agree with elk, such a whimsical
    corner of the garden.

    you have my curiosity brewing about
    your 'little town.' hmm.

  5. It is a pretty corner with a carpet of flowers. I like the white ones. My Coriander has gone to seed and produced a mass of white flowers. It is pouring here ATM.


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