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Finding Names

Looking at the garden this weekend I was wondering what the collective noun for butterflies is.  It turns out we had a 'flutter' of white butterflies in the garden. Such gorgeous weather.

Thinking of other names ... do you remember the mystery flower I posted in early December?  Well when I was researching the names of the Donkey Orchids I posted at Whistlers Rest and the Hyacinth Orchids I on Sweet Wayfaring today I found the mystery flower is a ground orchid known as a Potato Orchid or Cinnamon Bells.  But for me they will be forever Lizbeths Leafless Lily ... thanks Diane.

"They that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing" Psalm 34:10


  1. What a gorgeous shade of blue, my favourite.

  2. a flutter? that's adorable, and i am SO
    going to find a way to use that in a

    now you have gone and delivered me
    my absolute favorite shade of flower!
    thank you.

    you're not a fighter? somehow i doubt
    that. :)

  3. "flutter" ... what a perfect term to accompany butterflies.

  4. each bloom looks like it is dancing ..fluttering for sure!!


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