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We're pleased to be welcoming guests this weekend and in anticipation of their arrival have been swapping beds about ... turning the second guest room from a twin to a double room.

I dug out Mum's old bed linen to finish the look. Reminds me of lots of old words Mum used -- Marseilles bedspread, pillow shams, eiderdown, duchess, iron bedstead with half tester. The white china chamber pot is missing. And of course in those days floors like that were waxed and polished on one's knees by hand ... did plenty of that as a kid ... thank goodness for modern floor finishes and that fact that all that linen doesn't have to be boiled in a copper, starched, whitened with Recketts blue and pushed through the mangle before being hung in the sun to dry. How do I dare to complain about being tired from my work!

"The Lord blesseth the habitation of the just."  Proverbs 3:33


  1. I agree with you. If I had to wash clothes like my grandmother did, It would take all day. I think I would certainly get rid of a good bit of my clothing! We really don't have much to complain about, do we? Carla

  2. a chamber fit for a queen! it must have
    been fun pulling out your mum's pretty

    have fun with your friends.

  3. That's a lovely, quaint bedroom. I wouldn't mind being a guest there!

  4. Ha!
    It's all doonas these days, isn't it?
    I remember my grandma talking about the copper she used to have under her queenslander house.
    She lived in Leyburn and during the war there was a specialized RAAF unit based there to support the secret Z force. She used to do laundry for the soldiers.
    BY HAND!!

  5. That is a great bed. It is the same as the one we had in the B&B in Rye. Your guest room is very welcoming. I like the pink glow too.

  6. What is the half-tester?

    The room looks wonderful.

  7. Letty, I can't imagine wanting take in laundry in those days. My Nana did laundry for rich people during the depression to keep her household going.

    Diane, I sometimes think I am running a B&B

    Julie, the tester is the canopy over the bed, as this goes only half way and not the full bed like a four poster would have it is known as a half tester. Of course I only have the tester frame and not the drapery that should be on it ... I figure it would only be a dust catcher if I did it. I have some mozzie nets in the cupboard which went with the beds but again, they are dust catchers.

  8. I almost missed this delightful post ... what a peaceful room.

  9. it looks so divine ..the wood floor .. the white linens have captured comfort and peace here for your guest


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